Many now are coming out of the woodwork to get back on the water along our stretch of the Coast, and I've seen elements of you know what occurring already :)

Webcam is back up. I did hope to position it back up on the roof to get a better angle of the pier etc but the tech was playing up, so the view is straight in front of WeatherCam HQ.

I'm still out in the Mountains, and you can see what we're up to here

There can be a slight issue with the weather station transmitter, and it's capacitor, as that runs out of power before being charged up again by the tiny solar panels, so the data can be erratic in the early hours, but seems to be all good after 08:00 as the days get longer.



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If weather data is blank then refresh the page, or view the Live Weather Gauges, which update every 3 secs to get a more accurate picture of the wind.


Radar Forecast