Friday 08:00 ten day outlook not too good

Looks like a run of N/NW'lys for at least the next ten days, as I head back to the mountains Sunday. And after the early snow, which has all but disappeared below 2,500m, we're hoping for something back end of next week.

Tech Update: Now webcam has died, hoping for a new one to be delivered before I leave, but that's clutching at straws!

Have identified the issue with the weather station transmitter, and it's the capacitor, did have a new transmitter board on order, but now not scheduled for delivery till end January, so at least with a new battery data it transmits after around 09:00 and stops in the early hours, as the capacitor runs out of power before being charged up again, helped by the tiny solar panels.

I'm not commenting too much on the wind, tide & general conditions now as those that are going out this time of year, on the whole, know what's occurring.


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The Weather Station is located on Worthing Seafront, some 500m West of the Pier, on the roof 3 floors up,
at 100 Marine Parade BN11 3QF

I have been running a Weather Station and Webcam for well over 25 years, since the eraly days of the Internet & 14.4 modems.

Originally the WeatherCam operation was based at BN11 3EN and was the first in the UK, and I'm pretty sure I coined the phrase, "WeatherCam".

The system uses the Davis Vantage Pro which is pretty well the best money can buy, but even then you get the occasional problem.

The wind direction that I'm reporting is correct, and in a S/SSW'ly there does seem to be a vortex type effect which accelerates the wind a little here, unlike the Pier, and Pier the pier is still reporting a direction that is at least 30 degrees out.

Been tweaking, now the Weather Gauges are now updating every 3 seconds or so, and maybe some of you don't realise that if you hover your cursor over a Weather Gauge you get a summary of the that gauge.

More on the New Weather Site and functionality here and at the bottom of the Weather Data page you'll now find the latest WindGuru forecast.

It's good to look at the graphs as you can hone in on the time you might have been out using the slider at the bottom and then see what the wind speed / gusts were and equate that to how powered up you were, or not.

Also have tweaked the graphs page so now can be viewed on a mobile, but really to get the best out of the available functionality on that page, best to view on a larger screen.


If weather data is blank then refresh the page, or view the Live Weather Gauges, which update every 3 secs to get a more accurate picture of the wind.

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