To see the latest weather data on a mobile phone / tablet view in Portrait Mode & you have to scroll down!

So we're now returning to the UK June 6th in order to avoid the ridiculous 14 day quarantine rule, so that will be when the weather changes back to more normal UK weather?

Ironic in that restrictions here in France are easing even more with bars and restaurants now opening.

And as for wind, N/NE'lys most of the week and then by the weekend as the High Pressure breaks down looks like a NW'ly Air Flow.

I've just pulled the trigger on a RRD Cotan V2 - 5'2'' Ltd from The Kitesurf Centre who have got some stonking deals at the moment.

Just experimenting with a possible Webcam setup for when I'm back in the UK, using an old mobile phone!

Webcam image of something popular
Now gradually some of the high altitude roads are being opened up and that provides great opportunities for cycling up and down roads that are still closed to traffic.

There's more on what I've been up to these past 8 weeks on the blog here.

And you can more about what life has been like for us and elsewhere in the Mountains in the Mountain Blog, along with the Dogs blog.

New Weather Station Up and Running!


For those that maybe don't know the location of the weather station has now moved.

Be sure to check the weather-archive out for a more complete picture of windspeed & direction, hi's and lows.


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