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Saturday @ 16:35 as per the forecast looks like it's easing and every now and again veering WNW'ly.

Around 14:30 was quite amazing timing as daughters have some new SUPs so walked up to get one as conditions were looking good for SUP on the inside, and arrived back to find SSW'ly blowing 19mph and a chop-fest.

Not too sure I'll chance going out on a kite because with all this cloud it could so easily switch back to NW'ly?

Sunday again doesn't amount to much and then Monday/Tuesday could see the Worthing Effect in action?

Last weekend was a blast, with last Sunday being one of those epic days.

I started at Fairies first, then as tide receded down-winder back to WeatherCam HQ weaving through the traffic at Pro to then find a big group of the "Usual Suspects" in front of HQ, don't think Air Traffic Control had been alerted 😆 to then have Birthday Boy Dave Terry kite loop by me which I managed to film!

Worthing Weather Anotherharddayattheoffice

New Weather Station Up and Running and a WebCam!

For those that may be unaware WeatherCam HQ has moved and it's now located 500m West of the Pier.

Since I've been here I've been able to assess the new Weather Station vs the one on the Pier and I can categorically state that the Pier over-reads, (the knts are closer to mph) though for some reason people like to say that they were out in the greater wind-speed?

Be sure to check the weather-archive out for a more complete picture of windspeed & direction, as wind direction is never a constant and can shift by as much as 40 degrees at any point.

As you can see now have a Webcam setup and streaming using an old mobile phone, and if viewing on a mobile, view in landscape mode aka flip your phone!

Rain Radar past 2 hrs or so

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