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20th Jan 08:00 wet n'windy most of the day...

Whilst it was windy back in the UK yesterday I was struggling to find any breeze to keep a kite up at the Col du Lautaret whilst having a refresher course with Étienne Lhote, my old 8m Ozone Access XC evidently is now very old school and I ended using a new 10m which was quite amazing to get airborne in a couple of mph as I spent half an hour or so getting to grips with continually looping the kite.

Back up there this morning as meant to be a bit more of a breeze.

I've been mixing up ski-touing and cross-country out here most days, still no sign of the lifts opening in time for the High Season holidays, I'm not sure it will happen. And whilst here in the Southern Alps we missed out on the snow of last week that slammed the Northern Alps we should get some Thursday onwards and then on/off all next week.

You can read what I've been getting up to on our blog here

Here's a video from yesterday which was a new route in an area I know well, using Google Earth and mapping software to work out the route con as classic example of "earn your turns".

I have now moved the webcam and rain-radar to another page as I know it was "sucking" bandwidth and not good for those using data on a mobile phone - so click here to view the Webcam Page or use the navigation at the top of the page.