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21st February Weather Station Down

Keep getting power-surges as have issues in the flat and the Mrs flicks the switch back-up which has done for the tower-unit PC power pack (second time) so need to get that sorted before we put a new power-pack into the old PC tower unit!

So Macron bottled it as he's more worried about his potential second term rather than risk the wrath of the French middle-classes and stop the annual cross-country crusade that are the French half-term holidays over the next four weeks. And even though there are no lifts running people are here en masse - more about all that here.

Outlook is not at all good as we're again under the influence of high pressure and it looks very dry and very cold for the rest of the month,  though we're doing our best to ski Spring snow, but the recent rain that carried sand from the Sahara via a strong Sirocco wind is causing carnage to the snow-pack, more about that here

As you can see I now have a GoPro Max 360 and that's more or less killed off the drone for filming skiing.

Video below is from earlier in the week, and getting to grips with how best to use it, as along with the filming there's also the editing!

And more on how I set the mount up etc and ski technique when filming skiing with the GoPro Max 360 here

And this was yesterday, smudge on the front lens, this was a 17km (all on foot) round trip with the dogs to ski some great Spring snow discovering a new sector.

For me the fact that the lifts are not running is not a major issue as I tended to prefer earning your turns with the end game to ski untracked.

You can read more about life out here on our blog here

I have now moved the webcam and rain-radar to another page as I know it was "sucking" bandwidth and not good for those using data on a mobile phone - so click here to view the Webcam Page or use the navigation at the top of the page.