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Wednesday 10:30

Pretty dank & grim out there with a S'ly gusting just about enough, think I'm close to packing up for the season now!

New Anemometer delivered, and it's now installed on the roof of WeatherCam HQ and I've double-checked the direction more than once and I'm happy that it's within a couple of degrees at any one time.

For those still thinking about Skiing / Snowboarding this coming season, we've two features that maybe of interest, firstly the minefield that is insurance to negotiate especially now with Covid and then secondly the latest trends, style guide for ski and snowboard wear.

I have now moved the webcam and rain-radar to another page as I know it was "sucking" bandwidth and not good for those using data on a mobile phone - so click here to view the Webcam Page or use the navigation at the top of the page.