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Wednesday 08:45 could be good for foils, today and tomorrow, then High Pressure looks set to dominate and light winds.

I'm back in the UK 29th August for ten or so days and plans are underway for Madagascar in September, and we're looking at two locations, one down in the South West for ten or so days and then back up to Sakalava Bay and hopefully this time get across to the Emerald Sea.

They're pretty remote spots, Sakalava offers superb kitesurfing though I'm not too sure about the SW though there are a number of kite locations along with some excellent diving spots, so may well do a refresher course.

Tarifa was great and we'll definitely being doing a repeat trip next year, more about the Tarifa Trip here !

 After some superb kiting / windsurfing and body bashing sessions you might want to let your body recover. Sports & Body Massage Therapist Siggy Baylis, my daughter, is doing special kite and windsurf massages, at her treatment room in Ebenezer Chapel, Portland Road, Worthing. Check out her website: and call her on 07854 332667 for an appointment.