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Friday wet n'windy?

Watching the BBC forecast via a VPN here in the Madagascan Capital Antananarivo looks to be wet n'windy at times for Friday, then Saturday rain and NW'ly and Sunday maybe enough to get out.

We're now en route back to the UK stopping off in the capital Antananarivo meeting up with the Team we work here with on the Air Madagasacar Inflight Magazine, October issue here.

Day before was my last day on the water in Sakalava Bay North Madagascar where the wind simply does not stop. It was another 6m session, with a big body drag through the waves of the reef after I lost my board and then a massive wave took it from me!

Reef again was very big and on a surfboard it's almost a case of playing chicken with the waves trying to second guess a path through and or be ready for a quick turn, or already be riding toeside.


Sunday we actually had a day off visiting the highlands to a National Park including a quick shake down by the Police for not having passports with us (guide bunged him £5.00 and we were on our way), which is all a corrupt scam, but "TIA", This is Africa!

Top South African Kiter is Joshua Emanuel is here and they were doing some awesome riding in the uber flat water on the mangroves with just their kites visible above the trees. He said that they were being filmed with a drone, so I hope to get a couple of shots as they will be quite unique.

Couple of days ago we went to the Emerald Sea, and it's a truly stunning location to kite, though for 45mins it was more like the Emerald Isle as a big squall hit.



I've now found time amongst everything to write up our past ten or so days, so if you're at all interested click here

Tarifa was great and we'll definitely being doing a repeat trip next year, more about the Tarifa Trip here !

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