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Wednesday 09:40 just on High Tide at the moment and a very big swell running, check out the Rustington Wave Buoy.

Conditions similar to yesterday and forecast to brighten a little mid to late afternoon, so "wait and see"

A friends' daughter lost her board at Goirng yesterday, an old black & red Slingshot, contact Tim 07730 392345

More autumnal wet n'windy weather for all this week. Take a look at the charts to see how tightly packed the isobars are and the many fronts & resultant troughs tracking across from the Atlantic.

Like I mentioned a few weeks back the only issue is that (like yesterday) the forecast might look perfect, but as happens so often as a rain band rattles through the wind has a nasty habit or dropping and or going offshore, so to a certain degree it's all about timing and some luck whether you'll score a good session or not, as well as taking tides and shorter daylight hours into consideration.

I have now moved the webcam and rain-radar to another page as I know it was "sucking" bandwidth and not good for those using data on a mobile phone - so click here to view the Webcam Page or use the navigation at the top of the page.