Surely Not.......

So there we were, me and my mate driving back from the Triathlon Show at Sandown and we were exclaiming how Spring like it was, temps were 13.5 and then we saw a load of daffodils out, down here they're only just peeping through.



Then as we were near Horsham I commented that although cloudy inland it looked as if it were clear South of the Downs, then as we neared the S Downs the clouds looked like classic summer C Nimbus.

When we pulled up outside my house I looked up at the anenometer to see it fair whizzing around, and again looked back at the Downs to see a band of cloud whilst it was totally clear over us and out to sea.

Icing on the cake was then seeing a mate out on his XFire and 7.5 and a few kites out!

Anyway the more observant of you may have noticed these apparitions and I did mention on today's Blog "Worth keeping an eye on trees etc and checking in here to see what's happening as there could well be some wind on offer".

Anyway don't think it was you know what as it was still windy later 

Never mind, it did have us going.