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Welcome to the New Weather Page

As you can see during quarantine I've been busy! I've been meaning to change the Weather Software for a couple of years as I knew there was a lot more functionality to be had, but in switching from the old to the new there was a chance I could lose weather station to PC connectivity all together, so I stuck to the old adage if it ain't broke etc 

Once I'd made the switch the real work started in adapting the very old school templates (example of that here) that came with the software and editing out the data that I needed. I then had to update the templates to this site (not that you'll notice much of a redesign), as there were a whole load of compatibility problems with other devices.

I'm really please with the end result and I think the Live Gauges are great and the historic graphs of all the weather data akin to the old archive.

Have had a couple of people ask whether the Wind Units can be Knots - on the Live Gauges page there is the option to do that, all you have to do is click on the Units link and all will be revealed.

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