Lewis wins  the RedBull Len10 Megaloop event in Capetown

The wind was pumping and kites were flying high as Lewis Crathern wowed the judges to win the first ever RedBull LEN10 Megaloop Challenge in Cape Town.

Final Podium. Photo Craig Koleski, Left to Right, Sam Light, Lewis Crathern, Gianni Aragno, Rick JensenCrathern, from Worthing in the UK, went up against Sam Light (UK), Rick Jensen (GER) and Gianni Aragno (ESP) in the final. "I was just stoked to have been in the final with some of my mates. A megaloop isn't the easiest trick because you have to try and get height while trying to get your kite as horizontal as possible. I've been coming to Capetown to kiteboard for the last six years and I love it here. The people are friendly and the weather and wind conditions are perfect here," he commented.


The LEN10 Megaloop Challenge saw 24 participants compete in a format new to kiteboarding competitions. Ruben Lenten extreme kiteboarder and brains behind the event remarked: "All the riders and spectators were excited about the format which gives the guys time to pull their best moves and score high. I'm happy that such a big crowd came down to see the guys pull some gnarly tricks and see some pretty epic wipeouts too – which is just as much part of kiteboarding as landing the trick."

Participants were scored on the height, technique and the style in which they executed the megaloop with.

Crathern In Action during the Competition: Photo Chris Willmott WindmachineLEN10 Megaloop Challenge winner, Crathern and the other finalists had decided before they went out for the final to split the prize money – it wasn't about the prize but rather spending a good day out doing what they love. He does, however, walk away with a one-of-a-kind trophy and a photo shoot with renowned South African action sports photographer, Craig Kolesky.

Crathern, always keen to push the Eco Values of the sport added. "This is the 21st century where we all know the importance of looking after the environment we live in. New sports like kitesurfing are a testimony to this because as humans we must find more ways to live more sustainably. Back home in Worthing my hometown, we are fighting against further pollution to our beaches. I hope with this victory I can raise awareness to this situation.


Superstore Giant ASDA plan to increase the output of sewage at the new store in Ferring. Crathern said. "The idea of increasing the output of sewage into our surrounding area whilst building a modern building is backwards thinking. The roots of British Kitesurfing stem from these beaches and the towns best asset is clearly the Seaside. Anyone that does not agree with putting The Beach, Ferring Rife and the Environment at risk should send an Objection to the Environment Agency as soon as possible. (see below)


The Big Air Open has been confirmed to take place on Saturday 14th July 2012 in Worthing. Part of the Olympic Torch Relay Weekend, Worthing is proud to welcome a new sporting event into the town which is set to become a classic Kitesurfing event well beyond the Olympic year.

Crathern, actively involved in the event, explains "Worthing has become the kitesurfing capital of England, I'm really excited about this event and its been great to work with the council who also realise the potential of kitesurfing in our area"

Crathern Training in South Africa, Photo Chris Willmott WindmachineLewis Crathern is sponsored by Slingshot Kiteboarding, Dakine, Xcel Wetsuits, Kustom Footwear, Breathe Unity, S2AS and KiteDoc.









Sewage Plant Objection to ASDA's proposal

You can read more detail here

Quote: Ref: EPR/RP3722GP/A00 Applicant: ASDA Stores Ltd Facility: Sewage treatment plant

Reason: Give reasons for your objection

By E-MAIL to PSC-Waterquality@environment-agency.gov.uk

By LETTER to External Relations Officer, The Environment Agency, Guildbourne House, Chatsworth Road, Worthing BN11 1LD

Closing date MUST be received by 27th February 2012



Copy of email sent 21st Feb


To Whom It May Concern:


I write to you having been made aware of ASDA’s proposal to pump sewage into the Rife.


This is like going back in time.


As someone who has been windsurfing off this stretch of coast for the past twenty five years I remember when so called treated sewage flowed from the pipe off Sea Lane Café Goring – and still occasionally after a period of heavy rain it is used.


Even if  so called fail safe plans are implemented at ASDA all it will take is one incident.


Surely ASDA could afford to dig a trench and run a pipe, but that would still mean effluent running into the sea.


I and others are simply flabbergasted at this proposal


And another copy of an email sent my a mate


Dear Sirs,

Ref: EPR/RP3722GP/A00
Applicant: ASDA Stores Ltd
Facility: Sewage treatment plant

We are as Worthing residents writing to object to the above application and would be grateful if you could take our views into consideration before making a decision.

1 A considerable amount of effort and money has been spent over the past years improving sea water quality in our area, by investing in new mains systems, and new outfalls many miles off shore.

This Asda project reverses all the good work by proposing an out fall right onto our beaches.

Treated sewage will be allowed to come into the sea right along the shoreline which in its self is a back ward move to all the earlier years of hard work of trying to move any such discharge miles off shore.

2) The days when the Asda system goes wrong (which will happen) will result in untreated sewage being discharged on the beach itself. This will in turn contaminate the all the beached along this costal area.

The risks are too high.

3) There are many alternatives like why not pay to be joined into the existing sewage system whatever the cost. Or a septic tanks system which needs to be emptied by truck rather than allowed to flow down through to the beach. Clearly this proposal is cost driven, with no real consideration to the environment and is a back ward step in comparison to everyone else’s efforts and investment in trying to clean up our sea water.

Please take our OBJECTIONS into consideration and refuse this application.