GoPro Video Page

And so much snow this year resulting in some great lines!

Bareges Pyrenees


Was a great end to the year!

New secret kiting location

With all the recent wet weather it's provided a new flat water lagoon!

Years ago when we had similar conditions, temps subsequently dropped and we ended up with an ice skating ring!

Great fun session @ Fairies

Coaching with Lewis, how to get air.....

Video below is the final edited version of my session last week with Lewis, this really show how he gets in close to coach you and explains what to do (in the case of jumping), plus gives you so much more confidence knowing that he's out there with you in case you have an "issue"!

Big Friday had a really nice session 3.3 and 74 Twinser around Noon - and in a fair amount of control - usually 3.3 is really twitchy but was just right, just hope the GoPro footage confirms what it was like. Some fair sized faces out the back, as you can see from the Rustington Wave Buoy. - though like ski photos, the video seems to flatten off the waves - see for yourselves!

Another Nice Day on the Water


Back on the water the weekend of the 22nd April filming with the GoPro while sailing along this stretch of the coast, from WeatherCam HQ up to Ferring. Just as I was launching so a group of kiters set off from here on a downwinder to Shoreham. Lessons learnt with the GoPro, have a cloth stashed so you can easily wipe the lens every run, and think it's best to film following the person rather than film them coming at you, and try and sail as close as possible!

Anyway have some good footage!

Yesterday went out with the GoPro for my first session since doing my ACL and subsequent OP (Sept) and sailed with the ominous advance of a heavy shower, captured really well on film. So if it's windy Sunday look out for me chasing "you" out on the water!



If you have not seen this again was one of the better days this year - and I do not exaggerate - see the video below

girosse.mp4 from Weathercam on Vimeo.

And some slow motion of the footage above with a couple of extra (great) scenes


Little video of our "epic" trip over the Col D'Izoard for lunch!

rockyground.m4v from Weathercam on Vimeo.


This was the infamous collision


girosse.mp4 from Weathercam on Vimeo.

Great day in Serre, 15cms of fresh! from Weathercam on Vimeo.

The "Guys" first Tour - Pic de Jean Ray from Weathercam on Vimeo.

First lifts, fresh tracks all after a collision with a "Cock" ! from Weathercam on Vimeo.

Slight change in the weather from Weathercam on Vimeo.

Serre Chevalier 2012 - back after ACL Op from Weathercam on Vimeo.

Below is a film of my antics trying to to get some air, coupled with Bob Dylan's first single from his great new album, Tempest, well worth giving it a couple of listens, really grows on you!