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Live "Text" commentary of Sunday 4th November 2012

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14:30 SUP time ? Nice and sunny now, still a bit of a left over swell. Wwind's been WNW for around an hour and a half or so, just back from walking the dogs and quite a few windsurfers were up a the Cafe, most agreed very cold on the hands. Ironic in that Geoff & Johnny probably had the best session first thing this morning before winds went manic!

11:50 think LA will be firing now?
Would imagine that LA would be the place now with this swell and the wind now W'ly and not so manic?

That said see down at Chimet wind is now WNW/NW'ly

11:30 have had better sessions: Been an interesting morning, arrived at Fairies and it was howling, though thought would be ok, put the 7m up tried to walk across the grass and luckily Nick was close by to hang on to me to stop me sliding across the wet grass, up on the shingle he "let" go and after about ten paces I shouted for him to come back and hang on to me as I just couldn't handle the kite, so back up the shingle and landed the kite.

I then walked down with a couple of others hanging on to them as they launched, and then decided to leg it back home and go out on them "pole", still not realising quite how windy it was.

Rigged a 4.0 instead of the 3.3 and had a few interesting runs, quite big out the back to say the least and could only see one kite out by this time. Stats show that it was gusting low 40's.

Have some video which I'll put together, but as ever the sea looks flat, and I can assure you it was big out there!

09:40 Off out now, just hope it's not too windy for me!

Check the stats so you can see what's been happening so far this morning!

Sea looking very big, best bet for windsurfers launching will be the Cafe as most other beaches will soon close out if you don't get down there soon.

Glad to report Geoff and Johnny now having a good sail from the looks of things!

09:25 Text messaging going crazy, not least the messages about when to go out, but from my cycling mates as we put this morning's ride on hold!

Glad to report that Geoff and Johny are now back on the water!

Game plan according to the texts is on the beach at 10:00

09:10 Geoff now having a rest on his way back, hoping the wind's gonna pick up again, which it is forecast to do (see below) but not too sure it wil come back to the levels that he rigged for earlier when it was gusting mid 40's but can hear outside that wind is indeed filling in again, now gusting high 20's !

Have set the Cam up so you can see the dramatic sky /cloud / showers and Geoff :)

09:05 Wind now just about managing low 20's, Geoff still walking back :)

09:00 Traces of blue sky now, but wind now WSW'ly and only gusting mid 20's !! Can see Geoff walking back along the beach with his kit so he must have gone out!

08:50 Wind's eased right off, though still gusting low to mid 30's from the earlier low to mid 40's, might have to start thinking about going down to the beach and putting the 7 up !

08:40 Wind's just gone SW'ly and eased could be a blip or might be the start of the SW'ly phase though still chucking it down. I was just about to rig the 3.3 up and go out on the Pole, but will wait now to see what's happening. Can see a mate Geoff who lives along from the yacht club about to launch though can't see what size sail, if he's rigged for what it was blowing ten minutes ago he'll be pissed!

08:20 As you can probably tell it's rather windy and wet! Stats show just how windy (gusting 40's) and how the direction is slowly changing as the low tracks through. As the rain clears (09:30) so the wind will veer more SW'ly and then possibly W'ly with more sunshine, though might stay SW'ly which after yesterday would be what many of us would like!

Charts still show the two lows with the one now affecting us to the South in the Channel as the moves Eastwards hence the change in direction, but really hard to estimate timings etc.

Would be nice to get out now for a repeat of last Wednesday but too windy pour moi, though I suppose I could get the "pole" out?

Wednesday afternoon best session yet ?

In the Bull we've often talked about how a good strong S/SSW'ly would be ideal for progressing, especially when you get the wide stretches of flat water between decent sized waves, and that's what we had with the tide on the drop yesterday afternoon, and it wasn't just yours truly that thought it was good, Lewis also came off the water saying best session in a long while, and there were quite a few other smiles and "whoops" out on the water.

Was just right on a 7m, and the great thing was you could travel a mile or so "upwind" just in the shallows to WeatherCam HQ, then make it back up to the Cafe before going toeside linking a few turns in before doing it all over again, only negative riding toeside for so long puts one hell of a lot of pressure on the knackered knee :(

And it wasn't just the kiters having a good time, have not seen that many windsurfers out for quite a while, though it was to be expected as the Cafe was really the only place to get a decent session in today. Good to see some of the Hove posse :)

And apologies for going on about the possibility of rain for the afternoon, in the end the rain was very slow moving and missed us all afternoon!

Pics below are of Dangerous Dave getting some nice turns in over High Tide being the only one out.

Was an interesting morning earlier. Think made it out on to the water around 08:20, came in to the shallows around 20 mins later as the wind seemed to be dropping, wind then came back up only to then be blown off the water about half an hour later. Not too sure what happened about the band of showers as it just seemed to be incessant rain all the time!

Did think about going out again as I saw someone relaunching as the wind eased a little, it was when he then proceeded to be pulled along on his feet skidding along the wet grass with no traction on his boots having to throw his safety that I though better of it! (Ironic or what seeing Lewis's strong wind tips uploaded this morning)

As time goes by..........

Had a call first thing this morning from Andy McEntire, some of you will know, asking if I still had a photo of some of the "old gang" , this photo was taken by my now Mrs nigh on 27 years ago, can you spot a certain estate agent ?

Ex Olympic Windsurfers win the first RYA kiting event

Was always going to be interesting to see how they would get on and I did mention to a certain Pier jumper that I thought racing & tactical knowledge would help the ex windsurfers to do well, more here.

Problem ears ?

As a few know, I've been having problems with my ears on and off for the past three / four years. Diagnosed as "surfers ear" and the like. Main problem is water being trapped inside the ear.  Since I’ve had problems I’ve used various off the shelf products such as “ear calm” , “otex” and other so called wonder treatments, as well as custom ear plugs.

I always thought that my ears might simply be blocked, so around 10 days ago I went to the "Clear Ear Clinic" in London, and was treated by "Mary". On examining my ears she basically said one ear was so bad due to using this "rubbish" and that after the treatment I should just let Mother Nature clean the ears. When I asked how bad in terms of marks out of ten they were, she replied “12 out of 10”.  The right ear was far worse than my left, and she probably spent six minutes clearing that one out compared to my left which was only around a minute or two.

Obviously in the past couple of weeks I've had well above average in terms of wipe outs, and if my ears were going to replicate the previous problems then I'm sure I'd know by now, but so pleaesed to report that no issues what so ever, a complete success !

As for the cost, best £70 I've spent in a long while, they use quite a unique process, more on their website. And as for hearing and clarity of sound it's like having a new set of ears!

Some good photos from Monday, these from Lancing taken by Gary Levett









And from LA,Rusty& Goring Kite Beach by Piers Fearick