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19th April - bright and sunny & superb swell

Briefly back for my old man's funeral and thought I'd bring the sunshine back with me......

Standing on the beach yesterdday, Wednesday there was as superb long period (must have been into double digits) swell.

I'm back to the mountains Friday 20th as we still have snow and should be back briefly mid May.

You can read more on the Mountain Blog  so should you want you can see what we're up to.


À bientôt

Sports and Body Massage Special Offer

Daughter is now back practising in Town in our Chapel as a FHT Qualified Sports and Body Massage Therapist, and is offering a Special Offer for all kiters and windsurfers - £30 for an hour's Sports Massage and £25 for an hour's Body Massage. Call Siggy on 07854 332 667 and mention Another Hard Day At The Office.


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