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And too much wind for us today (Satyrday) here in Serre Che and again for tomorrow and the next few days which is the case for most of the Alps.

We'll miss out on the vast bulk of the snow, whilst the Northern and Eastern Alps will do well.

Though again we had a good day yesterday, classi slack country.

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Forecast however is not good for the next week with temps too warm for any decent off piste, though will probably hike up with the dogs on the closed pistes.

Trip to Siberia resulted in a truly epic week of powder as the video below shows.

Life in Luzhba revolves around the railway, it's the only way people/supplies etc get in.

The tannoy announcement was always three distinct tones and I deduced that it sounded like the theme from The Saint TV series and then a bit more Googling and I found the chords.

The goods train take nigh on 100secs to go pass and are made up of nigh on 70 trucks and are known as the Siberian Snakes, but don't worry I speeded it up.



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