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Board found washed up on the beach today (Sunday) - call Rob to describe the board if it's the one you lost on 07977 077591

Now see that Mick Salt, local Kite / Sail repairer has sold his business, so we now have two kite repairers "I’m delighted to announce that Sore Kites has a new owner and he’s local.
Chris Grevett 07850858748. Chris has purchased the entire business machines, materials and website so he can repair any damage to your kite from now."

Back out here in Serre Chevalier, Southern French Alps doing loads of cycling and hiking and Electric Bikes have just taken off big time!

No matter what your views, they are definitely getting people out cycling!

I've written a whole feature on the growth of them for Style Altitude, click here.

As for this past week, I've had a mechanical with my road bike which means I've been on the MTB and this week there was the Defi di Granon race, and where as usually I'd ride the road bike somehow I was talked in to entering the running side of the event!

Having not really run for some ten years maybe was not the wisest of decisions as the Defi is 12km up one of France's steepest climbs and just over 1,100m of vertical. The average competitor was young lean and nigh on Elite Athlete class, which might explain why I came in 3rd from last!

Elaine my wife has written up her side of things here

Dogs Lac du Goleon

Another day another descent

Gav descending Izoard

À bientôt

Sports and Body Massage Special Offer

Daughter is now back practising in Town in our Chapel as a FHT Qualified Sports and Body Massage Therapist, and is offering a Special Offer for all kiters and windsurfers - £35 for an hour's Sports Massage and £30 for an hour's Body Massage. Call Siggy on 07854 332 667 and mention Another Hard Day At The Office.


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