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Thurs  16:32 slowly coming back up.

Was in the 16's 45 mins ago, see weather stats.

Should have taken it whilst it was there this morning maybe, though might get up into low 20's.

Not too sure it will come back for the after work session?

Been a great couple of days, though yesterday was not quite as good as the day before, but being very fussy

As for Monday afternoon I thought it was superb, really clean, great spacing and lovely waves, though I've not been on the water that much, but others were saying the same.

Then later on Jezmondo on a WhatsApp group posted "That was arguably the best session I have had in years at Goring, waves and sections were off the scale."

Pics from Eunice on FB here

Gav Waves

Many of you over the years knew Jai,
and how he left us last year. What maybe some of you did not know was that his Wendy was also ill, and she joined Jai last week.

Since Jai passed she was in remission however her illness returned in the summer, and in her own words what has happened to her beloved Jai and herself these past 18 or so months is "surreal" and she wanted us to not be "maudlin" but it's so hard to get your head around what has happened to both of them.

Her "Leaving Do" is 28th September at 15:00 at St Andrews Church, Ferring.




Sports and Body Massage Special Offer

Daughter is now back practising in Town in our Chapel as a FHT Qualified Sports and Body Massage Therapist, and is offering a Special Offer for all kiters and windsurfers - £35 for an hour's Sports Massage and £30 for an hour's Body Massage. Call Siggy on 07854 332 667 and mention Another Hard Day At The Office.


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