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Some strong E'lys at times?

Not at all ideal but sure some people will make the most of the Devil's Tack conditions that are forecast.

Back briefly in the UK before flying to Moscow, then 5hr flight to Abakan then two 2hr train journeys into the middle of no where in Siberia (here and click on Waypoints), but hey they have loads of snow!


I'll be doing a blog of our skiing, ski touring antics in Kuzhba Siberia here.

After some superb kiting / windsurfing and body bashing sessions you might want to let your body recover. Sports & Body Massage Therapist Siggy Baylis, my daughter, is doing special kite and windsurf massages all next week, 24th September, at her treatment room in Ebenezer Chapel, Portland Road, Worthing. Check out her website: and call her on 07854 332667 for an appointment.





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