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Serre Chevalier April 2013

Things have moved on a little !

We now have bought an apartment here, in fact in the same building where we've been coming these past four or five years!

And the Serre Chevalier blog continues

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Serre Chevalier April 2012

As I alluded to last year, did not feel right to set up another "blog site" for this year, as I did not even really know if I would be able to ski as it would be only six months or so since my ACL op, and I thought could be tempting fate.

As it happened I was able to ski and in fact did have a couple of classic days. Snow was not brilliant overall which in some ways was a "Godsend" as it allowed me to rest the knee and do other stuff like cycling, though cycling in the mountains is not exactly soothing on the knee.

You can read what we did do this year in Serre Chevalier here.

This year had the addition of the GoPro so in some ways the blog this year is more of a video blog!

And this Video is of one of those classic days that somehow I always manage to score every year, crocked or not!

girosse.mp4 from Weathercam on Vimeo.


Serre Chevalier April 2011

All back home and finished for another year, though like last year my trip was cut short!

I don't think I'll bother with another blog next year as I hate to think what I'm going to have to do to beat the Cliff fall of 2010, and being Helicoptered off the Mountain this year!

It was great to have so many friends come out to visit us (ok they all knew they were on to a good thing). I think we had twelve  over the course of the five weeks.

I'm now awaiting what I've excatly done to my knee, though the initial pronosis(s) are not good, all pointing to a trashed ACL, so looks as if windsurfing this summer is a NO NO.

We hope you've enjoyed reading about our expolits and those of Kiki and like I say not too sure about next year???

This years site, a  new design is based on a modified template I have been working on for various clients, so if you like the look of the site and are interested in having a similar site that you can update the text, photos and manage yourself then please get in contact as I do need to work sometimes!

  • 2011 Gear....

    New pair of Scott Missions this year after loosing one last year even though it was found in the summer by Jes & Per! These are mounted with Marker Barons so could well be a one ski solution, though a little heavy, should be fine for day tours, anything longer and still have the K2 Mount Bakers together with ultralight Dynafit bindings.

    Elaine is tooled up with some ladies Scott Realms along with Salomon Quest all Mountain boots. I have sold a lot of my snowboarding kit, but we will both take a board just in case we feel the need to swing both ways.

  • Conditions....

    After great snow conditions last year this season is turning out to be decidedly mediocre.

    That said after a very busy (on the pistes) week we still managed to find some soft stuff by doing a bit of "Touring".

    Then over the weekend of the 12th we had 30 - 40cms of much needed snow and more is forecast with a further fall, tomorrow 16th and then more over the weekend, though still no massive dump yet!

    This site is good for forecasts, whilst obviously here will tell you how it is and when we're not there SnowHeads reports are always a good read.

  • The Dogs....

    This year, sad as it is we're leaving Pooch at home to guard the house and to keep those at home company.

    Last year was not the best of moves leaving a puppy at home to get bored. So we'll be taking Kiki with us to introduce her to Serre Chevalier & the mountains and make sure she gets some exercise at least, which is not a sure fire bet if she was left at home with my daughters!

    So not quite the character of dear old Pooch who I know will be sorely missed by Tim at Mojo's.